Joe Biden spoke about the danger of bankrupting America

Joe Biden told reporters in Japan that He is completely uninterested in my negotiations on the US debt ceilingHe explained that there are often interruptions, but the two sides can bridge their differences.

I still think we can avoid bankruptcy and make something decent

– He said during a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

The news agency notes Biden’s confidence based on a negotiating frenzy was in stark contrast to the tone of White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre and White House communications director Ben LaBolt.. Jean-Pierre opened the news conference from Hiroshima on Saturday saying there were “real differences between the two sides” and LaBolt later issued a statement urging Republicans to “negotiate in good faith.”

We also reported that last night There have been reports from the US that talks on raising the debt ceiling have stalled between the Republicans and the Democratic White House, reducing the chances of an agreement this weekend.

According to Bloomberg, Biden’s trip abroad was overshadowed by the debt ceiling struggle. The president postponed his trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea to return to Washington for the final stage of the talks.

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