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Index – FOMO – The stars of RTL's latest show have been announced

Index – FOMO – The stars of RTL's latest show have been announced

RTL had a successful year last year, having managed to secure the rights to several formats that received particular attention in the fall season. Traitors And the star box They were the channel's biggest attraction, but they tested several new productions that were already successful abroad. I found the Dutch recipe for success first Traitorsthen Leap And the Turn – only one left Bring new color to local television.

This time, RTL moved away from Scandinavia to another format, the French one Boyar castleto.

The channel will broadcast this year Fort Boyard – the fortFive, which was first broadcast on French television in the summer of 1990 Les Clés de Fort Boyard Under the name – and later Boyar castleIts title has been shortened to .

The dreamer of the production is French producer Jacques Antoine, and what distinguishes the show is that its location is a sea fortress on the west coast of France, between the islands of Aix and Oléron in the Bertois-Dantiouch Strait. The building is eighty meters long and forty meters wide, and its walls are twenty meters high. the Boyar castle In its original form, competitors face a physical and endurance challenge. We're talking about the fourth most popular adventure game in the world, beaten only by adventure games Mission: Impossible, Degree of dread And the Survivor Situations By the way, TV2 actually ran a test in 2000 with the production broadcast in a total of 34 countries including Hungary. The series was led by Zsuzsa Demcsák, the lord of the castle was András Vizy, while the admiral was György Bárdy, the Jászai Mari award-winning actor who died in 2013 at the age of 92.

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They will be the characters in the RTL show

24 years after the first attempt at this format, RTL is back on the air Fort Boyard – the fortFive, whose press conference held on May 21 was attended by Index. The channel immediately announced which celebrities will be fighting each other in the second local version of the production, as well as who we will see in the role of host.

As it turned out, Bence Estens will appear in the show in the last role, but he will not perform his mission alone: ​​he will also be assisted by the defender of the fort's treasures, namely the comedian Peter Yanklowics. The celebrities will face each other in teams of four, which look like this:

  • First team: Alexa Nagy, Rebeka Szőke, Ádám Solti, Gábor Boráros;
  • The second team: Vika Janicak, Adam Varga, Tibor Kotsis, Evelyn Dobos;
  • The third team: Sylvie Bode, Christoph Nemeth, Vico Fröner, Victor Noé;
  • Fourth team: Vicki Szczorczyk, Nene Molnar, Viktor Varga, Zoltan Czeksi;
  • Fifth team: Dominik Kuzma, Alexandra Kocsis, Donatella Hunyadi, Bence Szalay;
  • Sixth team: Zsolt Molnar, Dilma Smaltig, Wanda Schumacher, Henry Kettner;
  • Seventh team: Nelly Vissus, Sinji Horvath, Echo, Gergely Ozsvat “Mintha”;
  • The eighth team: Leila Genesee, Diaz, Tommy Flor, Matty Garay.

However, Keira Garay, Vicky Singh, Vivian Saby, Mercedes Balazs, Andre Vasari, Lil Vrak, and Vexo Szegedy will appear alongside them. Boyar castleIn – However, their role has not yet been revealed by RTL, as well as the order in which the teams will fight each other. Little is known about the star competition premiere, and the channel plans to release it in the fall, but filming on Fort Boyard will only begin in the next few days; So the players themselves do not yet know exactly what they have done.

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It was left alone for decades

The history of the Fort Boyard sea fort dates back several centuries, when it was intended for the French army. In the XVII-XIV centuries. They could have begun its construction during the reign of Lagos, the Sun King, but they faced minor obstacles. It is said that the famous military engineer Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban told the king at that time that it would be easier to bite the moon than to build such a castle on the sea. Later, in the 19th century, during the reign of Napoleon, they began to raise it to protect that part of the French coast as much as possible. With the short-range cannons of the time, they did not go further than the islands of Aix and Oléron, so they needed a naval base.

In the end, the plan failed repeatedly because the stones lowered into the sea frequently sank during low tide, so in 1809 the construction of the fortification was again suspended. We had to wait more than 30 years for the continuation, which was ordered by King Louis Fulop in 1837. Its construction was completed only twenty years later, in 1857, when the guns had a longer range, so Fort Boyard became almost redundant. It served as a prison for a while, but the building began to fall apart due to lack of use. The fortification of historical value, doomed to decay, was built before Boyar castle It was saved from complete destruction by a television program, which was restored for filming in 1988, and since then different countries have started exchanging door handles.

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(Cover photo: Diaz, Leila Gunessi, Tommy Flor, Matti Jaray. Photo: Kata Nemeth / Index)