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Zsófi Szabó lives here: we can sit for hours on his beautiful balcony – the star of Homeland

Zsófi Szabó lives here: we can sit for hours on his beautiful balcony – the star of Homeland

Zsoufi Szabo In recent years, he has consciously drawn a line: he is very careful not to reveal too many details of his private life to this prominent person. She doesn't post anything about her baby, and she doesn't show her house either.

However, now we've been able to see a little slice of the latter: the host lives in a place so beautiful, we could sit on his balcony for hours.

Zsoufi Szabo's house

He presented the cozy outdoor seating collection first in a photo and then in a video: In the last video, we can see how he conjures up an overall look with modern and trendy accessories that are at the same time homely, comfortable and very cool.

You can watch it by clicking here Image on Zsófi Szabó's page, Here you can find the video.

The footage shows that the Mokka presenter has a sprawling garden. The terrace is crossed by a thick green fence, and those with a keen eye can see the trampoline in the background.

When it came to decorating the table, she chose everything according to the latest fashion trends: there are gorgeous black lamps, romantic flower decorations and wooden tablecloths.

The dream country house of Bence Estines and Adil Csobot: their garden is covered in flowers

The star couple moved into their home in the fall and have been living in the countryside for more than half a year.

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Cover image: TV2

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