Xi Jinping: China must have an army capable of winning wars

Photo: ShutterStock/plavevski

Xi is the general secretary of the ruling Communist Party of China, and last year, contrary to previous practice, he confirmed that he would stay for a third term. The regular annual session of parliament is held for two weeks in China, during which he is expected to be re-elected as speaker. As President, he is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

Xi told the leaders that strengthening and improving “integrated strategic capabilities” is a new requirement of the Communist Party.

He called on the country’s research laboratories to accelerate their research activities in the field of military technology so that the country would not have to rely on imports. He said that industrial production chains should be more resistant to crises, infrastructure should be developed at a rapid pace, and reserves should be accumulated from local natural resources. He said the military must face “strategic risks”, but did not elaborate on what he believed.

China is getting more and more militarily confident against the United States and other countries, and has never given up on returning Taiwan by force, which in turn refuses to be under Beijing’s rule again and can obtain military support from the Chinese government. And the Reuters news agency wrote that the United States is behind this.

Beijing increases its defense spending by 7.2%.

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