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Third place in the Academy Championship in Gyor

Third place in the Academy Championship in Gyor

Gyor hosted the first round of the Academy Championship, in which it participated in addition to host NEKA, DVSC KA and FTC KA. Buglar’s girls finished third – with one win and two losses.

Academy Tournament – First Round, Gyor

DVSC Ka – Nika 26-25 (15-13)

Nika: Krasznay, Bakai (goalkeepers) – Tolnay 5/3, Kovacs L1, Paco, Gelincir 1, Rec 2, Gobaje 4/2, Varga F.3/1, De Paula 2, Nagy Hajdu 2, SAS, Nyaray 3. , Cosma 2, Kollar. Coach: János Hajdu.

Seven meters long: 5/5 and 7/6. Exhibitions: 4 minutes and 4 minutes respectively.

Gyor Udi Eto Ka – Nika 26–23 (12–10)

Nika: Krasznay, Bakai (goalkeepers) – Tolnay 6/3, Kovacs L, Paco, Gelencer 1, Reck, Gobaje 3/2, Varga V.1, De Paula 2, Nagy Hajdu 2, Sas 1, Nyaray 1, Kuzma 3. , Collar 3/3. Coach: János Hajdu.

Seven meters long: 3/2 and 7/7. Exhibitions: 6 minutes and 6 minutes respectively

Nika-FTC KA 24-20(9-8)

Nika: Krasznay, Bakai (goalkeepers) – Tolnay 3, Kovacs L, Paco, Gelincer 3, Rec, Gobaje 5, Varga V.1, Di Paula, Nagy Hajdu, Sas 1, Nyaray 4, Kuzma 4, Kolar 3/3. Coach: János Hajdu.

Seven meters long: 4/3 and 3/2. Exhibitions: Two and two minutes, respectively.

Other results: Gyor Audi ETO KA – DVSC KA 23–22 (10–10); Gyor Audi ETO KA – FTC KA 38–22 (23–10); DVSC KA – FTC KA 30–22 (17–13).

Final result of the first tournament: 1. Gear Audi ETO KA 6 points; 2. DVSC KA 4 points; 3. Nika 2 points; 4. FTC KA 0 points.

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