People love the revenge of the guy who didn’t let him stop when someone took two parking spaces in a gym car park in Ipswich, England, with a Volvo SUV. Leave a coloring book with a note on its cover.

“I left him a coloring book to help him learn to stay within the lines,” he explained urchin In his columns, the “avenger” who feels the carelessly stopped motorist “deserve” the vaccine for his “selfish” parking. “It’s very annoying because I don’t like people taking up too much space,” he added.

In a very full car park I found this guy taking two spots for himself. He left him a coloring book to help him learn to stay within the lines.
by u/TheRockingChar String a model

As for Volvo, let’s not rule out the possibility that he wanted to protect his car from others opening the car door, even if he chose an inelegant form of this.

He admitted that this wasn’t the first time he’d thought of such a prank: last summer, he had found himself confronted by a poorly parked car – even then he had run away to buy a coloring book, but by the time he got back with it, the chosen driver had left.

Most commentators were pleased with the man’s sweet revenge, which is no wonder, considering that from January 2024 in Paris, France, even those with larger cars will have to pay more for parking. And recently, another SUV took four places – you didn’t even expect the feedback to pour in: