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They are preparing to attack Putin, and the British will arm Moldova
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They are preparing to attack Putin, and the British will arm Moldova

Liz Truss said in an interview with The Telegraph that Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined to create a “greater Russia,” even though his invasion of Ukraine was not a quick success. According to him, there are serious Russian plans to attack Moldova as well.

The Transnistrian Republic of Moldova (also known as the Territory of Transnistria, Transnistria, or the Transnistrian Republic) is a narrow strip of land torn from independent Moldova after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, for which Russia still claims territorial lands.

Rustam was the deputy commander of Minkayev, Central Military District of Russia, last April announceThat Moscow’s goal is to occupy the entire eastern Donbass region, link it with the Crimea, and occupy the entire southern part of Ukraine up to the breakaway region of Moldova, which is occupied by the Russians. Then on April 26 They exploded In the field of pro-Russian separatists. Moldova, which borders Ukraine to the southwest, is not a member of NATO.

Liz Truss said talks were underway so that Moldova’s defense forces could fend off any future attacks.

“I want Moldova to be equipped with NATO standards. We are discussing this with our allies,” he said. telegraph British Foreign Minister.

“Putin has made it clear that he seeks to create a greater Russia,” the politician said. “Just because his attempts to occupy Kyiv were unsuccessful does not mean that he has given up on these ambitions.”

If Truss’ plans were adopted, NATO members would provide Moldova with modern weapons in place of Soviet-era equipment and train soldiers to use them.

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