Both the men’s and women’s national teams were drawn into an easy group

The draw for the men’s and women’s water polo world championships in June in Fukuoka, one of the qualifiers for the Olympics, was held in Athens, and according to the quick assessment of the federation leaders, the goal could be the first place in the group. For both men and women, the official website of the Hungarian Water Polo Association announced. Our women’s team is ranked after Canada, New Zealand and Japan, while our men’s team is ranked after Croatia, Brazil and also Japan.

According to captain Zsolt Varga, progression should be no problem (Photo: Károly Árvai)

The women’s groups were formed first: here, our women were waiting for the draw from the first hat, and finally they were placed in the fourth group, next to Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

“Whatever the cliche is, the World Cup will really start from the quarter-finals in Japan as well. We will give respect to the hosts as well as New Zealand, but there is no doubt that we have to beat them. Canada is already looking stronger, but obviously we will have a good chance of jumping into the pond against them But the quarter-finals will be a match on a different level, and according to the newspaper, the Spanish or the Dutch national team can await us. It doesn’t matter which one, dear, we have already defeated both of them in important matches or lost to them. The last period obliges us to have self-confidence, we don’t mind the draw We are strong enough to solve the task before us. – The captain of the national team, Attila Biro, evaluated the draw.

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On the men’s side, the Hungarian national team has been waiting for the opponents from the second hat, and here finally the Croatians, the Brazilians and also the hosts Japan are placed next to us in the C-marked four.

“Without underestimating the Brazilians and the Japanese, we will be able to fight with the Croats for the second place. It will be a big battle because the first place can pay well in terms of the continuation of the World Cup. For this, we need to do nothing but beat Ivica Tucak’s team again.” Just like in the World Cup qualifiers.” – said the captain of the national team Zsolt Varga.

This year’s World Water Championships will be held from June 14-30. Fukuoka is home to – finally, we can add, since the Japanese were originally going to host the World Cup in 2021, but were first moved to 2022 due to the Tokyo Olympics being postponed by a year, and then entry and security issues that remain in connection with the pandemic Coronavirus due to restrictions, they decided to postpone another one.

Distribution of the group for the World Water Polo Championship

the group: China, France, the United States, Australia
Group B: Spain, Israel, Holland, Kazakhstan
c-group: Brazil, Greece, Italy, South Africa
Dr-group: Canada, New Zealand, Hungary, Japan

the-group: United States, Australia, Kazakhstan, Greece
B-group: China, France, Canada, Italy
c-group: Croatia, Hungary, Brazil, Japan
Dr-group: South Africa, Serbia, Montenegro, Spain

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