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These are the top 5 system resource monitoring software – PCW

These are the top 5 system resource monitoring software – PCW

Is the task manager information insufficient or not visible enough? We show you some programs to monitor your computer's resources.

The Windows Task Manager console isn't a bad solution for those who want to check system resources, but there are better alternatives – some are more convenient, some can be automated to a certain degree, and others save more data or provide logging options compared to Microsoft's solution.

Supplier Monitor

Few people know, though, that Windows has its own resource monitoring tool; We need to start the resmon.exe file (which by default is a [Win + R] It can also be called using a key combination). ResMon basically displays the same data that can be viewed in the Task Manager, but the important difference is that it can check the processor, storage space, network and memory usage in a separate partition, so if someone wants to, for example, find out what an SSD is, it is not necessary Override processor load and other information.

Built-in Windows application

Process Explorer

Let's continue the series with Process Explorer, which is perhaps one of the best alternatives for task management, and this is no coincidence, because the application also comes from the Microsoft development lab. It is easy to use, as you don't even need to install it, just screw it onto the SSD. Not only is it possible to check the overall system load, but it can also be used to examine and analyze resources used by individual programs – even when they are divided into instruction threads or DLL files. It is useful if you want to know which app keeps the device running all the time.

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The free version of this software shows CPU load, memory usage, and the current status of storage and network traffic. We can also see how long Windows has been running and how many program threads the operating system is currently running. The data can be seen in graphical form, but there is also an overview window that shows the current status in numbers. In addition to the frequency of data retrieval, some additional parameters can be set, so that the units of measurement used by the application can also be changed, among other things.



TinyResMeter is a good alternative not only for the elderly, it creates a real retro experience with its design reminiscent of the 90s style. However, with resource monitoring, it is not the external data that is important, but the data provided by the software, and from this point of view there is no problem. By the way, although the design is really old, it must be said that the minimalist appearance has its advantages, the information is displayed either below or next to each other, and the window takes up little space, so it can be kept in mind at all times.


Rain gauge

Rainmeter can be used not only to monitor resources, but also for a number of other tasks, displaying the most important data with the help of widgets placed “above” the desktop. The big advantage of the program is that it can be very well customized, what and how it appears – in contrast, if we are not satisfied with the basics, we have to tinker a lot with .ini files to make everything work.

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