These are the highest paying jobs right now

Said data analyst, computer scientist, architect, project manager, solar technician, special education assistant, asset manager, electrician and nanny – these are all currently among the most sought after jobs globally. Aniko Betoone of the founding owners of, an Aarenson Consulting recruitment company and recruitment agency.

There are many vacancies in the fields listed, but the expert confirmed that the salaries associated with filling them vary widely.

The rich gorilla from last December ranking list According to the current global level, these are the highest paid occupations and the corresponding average annual total salaries:

  1. Neurosurgeon – $381,500 (138.3 million HUF)
  2. Anesthesiologist – $265,000
  3. Surgeon – $251,000
  4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon – $243,500
  5. Gynecologist – $235,240
  6. Orthodontist – $228,500
  7. Psychiatrist – $216,090
  8. General Practitioner – $208,560
  9. CEO – $200,140
  10. Internist – $198,370

Obviously, 90 percent of the history is medical Degree wanted. Leaving this circle, it is worth noting airline pilots ($161,280), IT managers ($142,530), petroleum engineers ($154,780), marketing managers ($145,620), and lawyers ($141,890).

According to the expert, there is a chance of getting a well-paying job even without a university degreein which case it may be useful to wink at the professions of a driver, air traffic controller or auto mechanic.

Scandinavia in the crossfire

Due to the high level of English language skills typical of Scandinavia, it can be an ideal choice for Hungarians considering immigrating for research in these regions. “Since 90 percent of people living here can be considered bilingual, it is easier to get a job in these countries knowing only English, without knowing the native language of the local population,” says Anikó Pethő.

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According to the specialist, it also speaks in favor of Scandinavia that society is very inclusive, “everything happens in a clean white way, including advertising”, not to mention the innovation environment one can indulge in here.

In addition, from a financial point of view, it is worth choosing a Nordic country for employment purposes: in Finland For example The average wage in the third quarter of 2022 was 3,794 euros per month, but even the minimum wage exceeded 3,000 euros. Of course, there are higher costs of living, but according to Anikó Pethő, even with this, anyone who takes a job here can do well, especially if several people go at the same time because the cost is shared or another family member can take the work and it can be shared. living burden.

More and more Hungarians are aware of this. “More and more Hungarians are choosing the northern route, while Austria and Germany also continue to be popular, but the general observation is that Hungarians who immigrate to Scandinavia can get the highest wages,” said the founder of the headhunting company.

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