Index - Outside - the situation is made worse by the cat's overgrowth

Index – Outside – the situation is made worse by the cat’s overgrowth

Thanks to the dog purge campaign, there are fewer and fewer stray dogs on the streets of Sibiu. However, solving the problem brought something no one expected. This is because after the dogs were banished, the stray cats multiplied.

According to animal rights activists, the situation is so dangerous that it can only be resolved with the intervention of the authorities,

However, the local government does not attach much importance to the herds of cats.

But the number of cats is growing rapidly at some focal points, which does not cause a small headache for the population. Most people complain about animals getting loud, especially during mating season, which floods their environment with faeces and foul odors.

Elsewhere, animal overproduction is a problem

Animal growth is also a burning problem in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second most populous city. Civilians are trying to control the situation. In Oradea, the situation could have been remedied in 2018 by banning the general feeding of stray animals.

The main field He writes: Sibiu probably will not need such strict decisions. However, it would help municipalities take responsibility and pay for veterinarians who often fertilize voluntarily.

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