Protest the certificate of protection in Italy

There were more police than protesters – anti-vaccination protests erupted

Only a few protesters appeared at Rome’s Termini station, and at other Italian train stations there was little participation in the protests announced by the anti-vaccination movement. Protesters were frustrated that authorities had already ordered security readiness at more than fifty major train stations on Tuesday night after it spread online that groups opposed to vaccination and using security clearance wanted to occupy the stations. In Turin alone, two passengers were arrested who, despite the calls, wanted to get to the train station despite not having a security clearance.

According to the Romanian government, from September 1, not only aircraft, but also long-distance rail flights, including high-speed trains and InterCity trains, as well as ship services, will be required to have a protection certificate that is operated only with a negative test result of 48 an hour before departure. The obligation applies to all passengers over 12 years of age.

Anyone traveling without a test or security clearance can be fined between four hundred and one thousand euros.

You can still travel on public transport in urban areas without any restrictions, and only the use of a face mask is mandatory. The duty to vaccinate has also become mandatory for teachers. Only education workers can enter school buildings with a security certificate: many teachers were unable to get to work on Wednesday. Like health workers, teachers risk having their salaries suspended if they refuse to vaccinate.

According to a statement from the National Association of Anesthesiologists (ARROI), more than 94 percent of patients currently treated in the intensive care unit have not been vaccinated. In Italy, sixty million, the vaccination rate has reached 70 percent: 37.8 million have already received two doses of the vaccine. The number of cases per day is more than six thousand, but the number of tests has fallen to almost half the number of cases in the spring. On Wednesday, 69 patients died, and the number of deaths exceeded 129,000. There are more than four thousand in hospital, 540 on ventilators.

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