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“There is no tension between us” – Olympic participation is at stake for the Hungarian national team

“There is no tension between us” – Olympic participation is at stake for the Hungarian national team

From August 23 to 27. Duisburg, Germany will host the 2023 ICF Speed ​​and Para Kayak Canoe World Championships, which will also be a qualifying competition for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. During the five-day competition, our athletes’ goal will be to get as many Paris stakes as possible. It was originally the case that marked Szeged, Stephen Cooley He participates in the first entry of the men’s quad over 500 meters, and was finally revealed during the unit’s joint training sessions. penny trampled We’ll have a competitor kayaking.

Istvan Colley/Photograph: Emre Fuldy

There is no tension between us because of this, after all, because of my previous serious muscle injury, which was caused by my participation in Tokyo, it was difficult for me to get into perfect shape.

announce Stephen Cooley. – The main thing is to get the right to start in Paris as a first step, for which we have to finish among the top seven in Duisburg as of Wednesday, and then also do well in the French capital. Let’s perform.

Favorite Spaniards are afraid of us

In the spring, Cooley had a conversation with the professional manager of the Spaniards, who admitted that the Hungarian quartet was becoming more and more promising. A total of six five-ring stakes can be taken in Duisburg, one in singles and doubles, while foursomes can put four on the table.

– It is not necessary to make promises, because today there are ten such quads in the world, in which a pair falls to the finish line at the same time within a tenth of a second. Success depends on fault of wind, rain and rhythm. We even thought that the water in Duisburg was the same as our water in Dunavarsany, on which we were practicing. Our boat was polished, and we covered the 500 at a perfect pace a few times. Of course, we also found out about the competitors, in the race, which is the slow sprint race, the Spanish, the German, which has been rebuilt in the last two years, as well as the Australian and Canadian units can finish on the start – but we can also bring home the Paris stake.

Cooley believes that a lot depends on the results of the intermediate races, and it is conceivable that in one of them it will become clear which of the countries will dominate the finals.

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