The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will also be available in three additional colours

Xiaomi 13 Ultra was originally released in China in three colors, with locals choosing from black, white and olive green hues. However, according to recent news, the top device of the Chinese company’s camera hero will soon be available in three additional colors.

The Chinese social platform called QQ has a device identification feature, under which you can get the Xiaomi 13 Ultra in a total of six colours. Shadows not seen before are a orangethe blue and the yellow. Some searches of the smartphone’s firmware also revealed three new wallpapers, all of which match the new colors.

Although this year’s Ultra version, unlike its predecessor, will also appear in global markets, we can’t be completely sure about the new shades.

According to rumors, these new colors can only be selected for models sold in China, meaning international buyers will have a more modest inventory. Such a move would not be entirely unprecedented, since the Xiaomi 13 also has exclusive online colors. Red, yellow, green and blue are shades we can’t reach (See our gallery above). Of course, nothing is set in stone right now, but it’s not worth standing idle in anticipation of the colors you see here beyond China’s borders. If you want to know why the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is so great, we recommend our previous articles about the device!

source: GSMArena

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