The Italian politician in Portugal has identified what kind of right-wing unity he would like to see in the European Union.

Matteo Salvini called for the formation of an alliance of right-wing families within the European Union on Sunday in Cascais, Portugal, saying this political force could be an effective alternative to the left. The Secretary General of the League of Italy sees this alliance as based on identity and democracy (identity – to which the League also belongs), European Conservatives and Reformers (ECR, whose main strengths are Polish Law and Justice, PiS) and the European People’s Party (EPP) – according to Salvini, the latter would include Victor Urban and his party, Fides, who recently left. According to Salvini, the coalition he envisioned could have as many as 130 deputies behind it.

Salvini described immigration and the family as an important European issue. He put it this way: There should be someone in Brussels saying no to surrogacy and the adoption of children by homosexuals. Salvini said: “I hope he is also in the European People’s Party, which refuses to be a follower of the Left.” Incidentally, the Italian politician has also attended a conference of the far-right Portuguese party Chega (stop) over the weekend and will visit the Fatima pilgrimage site on Monday because he says “Europe is Christian, Portugal is Christian”.

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The leader of the league recently indicated on Facebook in an interview (described by the Hungarian nation) that he is working on creating a new party family of the European Union. “We are also in contact with the Poles and political forces in other countries, the Hungarians,” Salvini said at the time, stressing the need for something again, because a certain kind of Europe, with an old mindset, cannot respond to the 2021 emergency needs.

Italian politician in April Collaboration is also discussed With Viktor Orban and Polish Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki (Law and Justice Party), but while Orban was surprised by his cooperation with Marine Le Pen Not ruled outSalvini now sees Urban in the EPP.

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Victor Urban is blocking himself in establishing a European party. Not only does he have to grapple with his ego, but the interests of his prime minister also clash with ambitious plans.

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