It went unnoticed for a year and a half, and then the first investigation into the case concluded that there was no medical negligence at any time.

A 20-year-old woman in New Zealand suffered from chronic pain for a year and a half before it was discovered that the source of her problem was a plate-sized surgical instrument left in her abdominal cavity after a caesarean section.

During the surgery performed in 2020, prof guardian condition according to The operation involved one surgeon, one senior resident, four nurses, two anesthesiologists, two anesthesiologists, and an operating lady. The caesarean section was successful, but after the operation the wound traction device remained in the woman’s abdomen.

The so-called “Alexis retractor” (or “AWR”) is a cylindrical device with a transparent coating that can be up to 17 cm in diameter and looks like this:

For a year and a half after giving birth, the woman who had undergone a caesarean section was unsuccessfully searched for the cause of her persistent abdominal pain, because the AWR she had forgotten was not visible on the X-ray, and it was not involved. In the list of aids used during surgery.

This was only noticed when, in 2021, the woman went to a hospital emergency department with abdominal pain and was also examined with an abdominal CT scan. Once the palm-sized device was discovered, it was promptly removed by surgery.

The incident was initially investigated by the Auckland Region Board of Health, which found no wrongdoing at the hospital. But then the case was brought to the New Zealand Commissioner of Health, who in turn came to the conclusion

The specialists who performed the surgery violated the Patient Rights Act and acted negligently.

(Our linked image is an illustrative example.)


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