The work of two young Hungarian architects was recognized by the Europe 40under40 Awards 2020

The work of two young Hungarian architects was recognized by the Europe 40under40 Awards 2020

Tamás Deilinger and Balázs Domokos, Lead Designers for Group Dyer, received the award.


Two Hungarian architects, Tamas Dillinger And the Balázs Domokos, a Sabbagh Group Also a recipient of the International Design Award from the European Center for Architectural Design and Urbanism and Athenaeum in Chicago, 2020 Europe 40 Under 40®-t. In the Dyer International Portfolio headquartered in London – Budapest – Moscow, in addition to projects in Russia and the UK, we also find important domestic developments.

Balázs DomokosTamas Dillinger

Balázs Domokos (MScArch, ARB, MEK, SEK) Since 2011, he has been the architect of the Dyer Group, and now he is also the director and co-owner of the group. The main area of ​​the Balázs Domokos company is conceptual design, thanks to which Dyer won serious work on architectural tenders on projects of various sizes in various sectors, for which he also received great professional awards and appreciation. As a lead designer, he has worked on various residential, commercial and mixed-use projects in the UK, Russia and Hungary.

Tamas Dillinger (MScArch, RIBA, ARB, MEK) joined the Dyer Group in 2007 and then established the group office in Budapest in 2011. The company runs its headquarters in London for its projects in the UK and Europe, and has combined project management such as the Russia-based project From start to finish. Oz Plaza, Moscow Prime Park Residential development or luxury family resort design for the coastal city of St Ives in England.

It was one of Dyer’s exciting projects in 2013, Delivery of the Oz shopping center in KrasnodarMy total is 220 thousand m2Offers retail stores that offer Russian and international brands and offer a variety of entertainment services. For the developer, the plaza was a pioneering project in which an extremely flexible modular building was created, faithfully reflecting the dynamic of the family-friendly Oz brand while creating a series of unforgettable spaces that are “a pleasure to visit”

The uniqueness of the Krasnodar Shopping Center is due to its iconic floating “wing” envelope, a specially lit aluminum cladding that ensures the building’s durability as well as its stunning wavy lines. Both wings of the building were connected to the central recreation axis and the sunny atrium. In addition to retail units of various sizes, the building also contains multiple cinemas, 24 catering units, theater and video game rooms. The ground floor is a central building area of ​​1000 m2A skating rink has been added, which invites visitors as an incentive to experience the entertainment offered by the shopping center.

Prime Park in Moscow

The Dyer Oz project in Russia is larger than planned Prime Park It was, which is the development of a new neighborhood in Moscow. The project area is about 377,200 square meters2 18000 m next to its towers2 Educational and 12000 AD2 Also included is a commercial facility. Nine skyscrapers have been built in the area, the tallest of which is 150 meters in height. Thanks to the landscaping, in addition to the buildings, a park of six hectares, with beautiful landscapes, has been created in the area, which greatly increases the environmental value of the area and the quality of life of the residents, or as they say, “We are not only the buildings designed for this project for”. Here, Dyer created a subtle yet dramatic design in which modern architecture gave him both classic and elegant references that blend simultaneously with the neighborhood’s sophisticated landscapes and enrich the neighborhood’s current character.

Another notable master plan by Dyer is Cornwall St. Ives It is located in the southern part of the municipality Shelter Designed for development. A 42-room hotel, 92 separate cottages, a central courtyard, a bistro, a cafe, a bar and many other serviced buildings can be built next to the 29 villas currently located in the area. To adapt to the distinctive features of the site, the architects proposed eclectic buildings. The villas adapt to the current site features in their orientation and thus benefit from the landscape view. In the master plan, three types of high-quality and unique architectural buildings are presented. The hotel plays a central role in the resort, as its block splits into four different star-forming suites.

Master plan of the St. Ives resort

Dyer’s latest project will open in Hungary in September this year Itel PlazaWhere designers were asked to design an interior design concept for the completed building. It was built in the immediate vicinity of the Kelenföld railway station, 55,000 m2The third largest smart square and also the first smart square in Hungary stands out from a group of similarly functional buildings with its unique digital and architectural solutions. The the future In addition to the 180 fashion stores, the shopping center, created during its development, contains a grocery store, restaurants, cafes, a multi-storey cinema, a fitness room, a children’s playhouse and a wide range of other services. The Plaza app will help park the car in empty spaces, allowing shoppers to find the store or service of their choice. Inside, the interactive LED media facade makes the mall even more special.

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