(Update) Informant has been removed for a second time, but is now available on SkyShowtime

Something very strange is happening with Bálint Szentgyörgyi, the first episode of which debuted on HBO Max on April 1st of last year. Then, almost 10 weeks later, on June 29, Warner removed The Informant from its catalog to save costs, and its fate was long forgotten until SkyShowtime finally picked it up.

The series about regime change should debut on March 16, which is today, as a SkyShowtime Exclusive platform Which happened in the morning, but it contained several errors, so it was deleted after a few hours, and this is the second time that the series has been deleted from the service provider’s interface.


It is known that the series starring Gergely Váradi, Júlia Szász and Márton Patkós could be added to the SkySowtime catalog today, as planned, after errors are corrected, and may receive a sequel from its new owner.

Update: The series is now available. You can see here.

Part 1 is also free on the livestream’s YouTube channel:

detective | Part One | SkyShowtime Hungary

Return of The Informer You can stream all 8 episodes exclusively on SkyShowtime. You can also watch the full first episode here on YouTube. 1985. Hungary Behind the Iron Curtain. Twenty-year-old Jiri (Jiri Vardi) is looking forward to studying at the University of Economics in Budapest and finally getting to know new people and ideas.

The series was extremely popular on HBO Max, as it was the most popular title on the platform in the past two months, surpassing even Robert Pattinson’s popular Batman at the time.

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Regardless of everything, there are many strange processes going on around The Whistleblower that faithfully reflect current broadcasting conditions, and for that reason alone it would be worth watching, or even rewatching, the adventures of Szolt Száva and Geri, because we still don’t. Find out about the next adventure in the series.

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