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The Wednesday actress got into her script badly

The Wednesday actress got into her script badly

Tim Burton’s Netflix series on Wednesday was a resounding success, to say the least.

Created in 1938, Charles Addams’ comic book has already been adapted into many formats: We’ve seen prequels and animated cartoons, series, video games, and even a TV movie. However, the biggest success was undoubtedly the eight-part Netflix series that debuted on November 23rd. So much so, that not many people ever watched an English-language series on the platform in the week of its release — yes, it also broke records for Stranger Things.

Fans watched the series for 341.23 million hours in the days after it released the fourth season of Stranger Things for 335.01 hours. However, Squid didn’t come close to Wednesday, with the absolute record holder reaching 571.8 million hours watched the week it was released.

That's why he got it

That’s why the sad heroine of The Addams Family got the name “Wednesday” — the mystery dates back to 1938

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Many people are most familiar with the Addams Family trilogy, which was published in the ’90s, but Tim Burton’s adaptation undoubtedly hit the mark. The main character is an excluded, sad and gloomy girl who does not find her place even among eccentrics. Generation Z can certainly identify with this hypothesis, but Generation Y also seems to be able to easily identify with this hypothesis. Since the advent of social media, there have been more and more depressed young people who have no vision of the future: anyone who feels a little different, or doesn’t always find their place in the modern world, can easily put themselves in Wednesday’s shoes. It’s also worth noting that Tim Burton has found a great balance creating a visually enigmatic and frightening story with a fun, light and unique atmosphere.

The biggest fans of movies and series are always looking forward to the parade buck release of their favorite acts. Viewers are happy to peek behind the scenes, and the filmmakers usually come up with very funny and humorous scenes. Yesterday, Netflix posted the funniest Wednesday jokes on its YouTube channel, which you can watch right now.

It’s especially amusing to see how the main character from Mexico, Gina Ortega, who plays Wednesday, tries to recite a serious monologue with experience without blinking, when a word stumbles on her tongue, after which the whole crew erupts into laughter. We can also have a good laugh, for example, at the deafening pseudo-singing of Catherine Zeta-Jones, who plays Morticia.

Wed: 3 + 1 reasons why you should definitely watch hit Netflix seriesWed: 3 + 1 reasons why you should definitely watch hit Netflix series

Wed: 3 + 1 reasons why you should definitely watch hit Netflix series

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