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Dancing with the Stars has ended with a big announcement and there are only five pairs left in the competition

Dancing with the Stars has ended with a big announcement and there are only five pairs left in the competition

In the seventh live show, much excitement awaited spectators of Dancing with the Stars, as the star couple returned to the rival pairs: Tímea Gelencsér, Anna Pásztor, Andrea Osvárt, Sándor Noszály, Emilio, Emilio and international star Gabriela Spanic. TV2 stage. In addition to the triple production, the series’ dancers can also compare their dancing skills in a pair of rice fights. At the end of the evening, they still had to say goodbye to a party, judging by the votes, the competition between Dominic Kuzma and Laura Lesak was over, and they would not be in the semi-finals.

On the Saturday night show, the pairs also performed two dances each, so they had a tough time last week as they had to master several moves. The contestants performed the following dances in the first round with the star guests, and then received the following scores from the jury, namely Nora Erdoğ, Andrea Molnar, Zoltan Pericci and Sanad Girjeli Kovacs.

  • Dominic Kuzma and Laura Lisak with Sandor Nozali: Salsa, 38 points.
  • Rica Nagy and Bertalan Heggis, with Emilio: Jeff, 37 points
  • Evan Camaras and Anna Mix with Anna Pachtor: Samba 40 points
  • Otto Kinsey and Zsuzana Szuki, with Andrea Osvart: Xaxaxa, 40 points.
  • Attila Arba and Alexandra Stana with Timea Gilensiere: Tango, 39 points
  • Andy Toth and Andre Mangra with Gabriella Spanick: Charleston 40 points

Before the second round, scores were exchanged for competition points, with the first-place winner getting 6 points and the last point. It could have been enriched by up to 4 points during the Battle of the Cedar, as the jury could also award 1-1 extra points for the production it considered the best.

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So, the triple production followed the Battle of the Cedar, Dominic Kuzma, Laura Lisack, Otto Kinesi and Zsuzana Szeki competed at first, and the jury had no easy task, praising the couple for a long time. In the end they got 2-2 points, the jury decided the match in a draw. Andy Toth and Andre Mangra, as well as Rika Nagy and Bertalan Higgs, battled each other and, to the surprise of many, won the duel Rika Nagy and 3-1, awarded the development jury, hailing the winning party for a long time.

Evan Camaras, Anna Mix, Attila Urba and Alexandra Stana also in the fencing, the macho fencing was also tied, and they got 2-2 points.

At the end of the show, Nóra Ördög made a big announcement: Next week the jury will award 50 points, with a guest jury member arriving at Dancing with the Stars, Gabriela Spanic will also score in the semi-finals.

The ranking was based on the result of the jury and spectators, so Rica Nagy, Bertalan Hegges, Dominic Kuzma and Laura Lesack were in the danger zone. Viewers were given more time to once again cast their votes for their favorite, and then the presenters announced that the competition was over for Dominic Kuzma and Laura Lesak, and they would not be present at next week’s show.

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