The weather is warmer in Canada than in Dubai

The weather is warmer in Canada than in Dubai

Canada’s temperature record was broken by more than 46 degrees Celsius, MTI writes. It’s warmer in the west these days than in Dubai.

The highest temperature of 46.1 degrees Celsius since the record began was measured in a village called Lytton on Sunday afternoon in Canada’s westernmost province of British Columbia. More than 40 temperature records were broken in the area over the weekend.

The previous peak was held by two cities in the interior of mainland Saskatchewan where 45°C was documented on July 5, 1937.

The Weather Service is not ruling out the possibility that records will continue to decline in western Canada in the coming days.

A heat wave warning was issued for three provinces and two Arctic regions.

Gardel Bertrand / / / Hemis via AFP

A historic heat wave also hit the northwestern United States. The highest temperature ever was measured in Portland, Oregon, at 44.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday, breaking the previous day’s peak of 42.2 degrees Celsius.

The hottest day in its history was also documented in Salem, the capital of Oregon, where the temperature was 44.4 degrees Celsius about 4 degrees higher than the previous record. The highest temperature ever was measured at 40 degrees Celsius in Seattle, which is better known for its rainier than hot days. Meteorologists expect more temperatures on Monday.

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