The United States will electrify its school buses with a Canadian company

Lion Electric of Canada manufactures pure zero-emission electric buses, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Founded in 2008, Lion Electric designs its own cars, which they also assemble with their own DIY components.

Just two months ago, the company announced that it was building a battery plant in Quebec, and now it announced an automobile plant. Additionally, his most recent investment will be in the United States, in Juliet, Illinois.

The largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the United States

According to the manufacturer, this plant will be the largest unit dedicated exclusively to electric commercial vehicles in the United States. With the new plant, Lion Electric has a great opportunity to capitalize on the turning point in US transportation policy.

As is well known, the goal of the Biden administration is to reform the country’s transportation and make it environmentally friendly. However, the US government is envisioning this with the help of domestic auto production, so that means Lion Electric will have a plant in the country.

Electric school buses

The plant could open its doors in the second half of 2022, but the planned production of the 20,000 cars annually will only be achieved in the coming years by Lion Electric, a company that will build and grow the plant for at least $ 70. Billion dollars over the next three years, writes Manufacturing Global. The plant will create 745 jobs.

Part of this shift in transportation policy is that American schools are replacing their school buses with electric buses. The Canadian company can play a major role in this project, as the company manufactures a number of school buses.

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