The United States is evacuating its embassy in Kyiv

The United States is evacuating its embassy in Kyiv

In their opinion, a Russian invasion of Ukraine seems increasingly likely.

The United States is evacuating nearly all of its embassy in Kyiv as Western intelligence warns of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. The writes APA senior US State Department official, who asked not to be named, said on Saturday that a very limited number of staff would remain in Kyiv to contact the government, but that all consular operations in the Ukrainian capital would be suspended.

It was not disclosed for security reasons how many people were left, but in December, about 180 Americans worked at the embassy. Some have already left and most are now returning to Washington, they said. The foreign official justified the move on the grounds that major Russian attacks were expected in the event of an invasion. He also reiterated the warning that US personnel should leave the country immediately.

Not only is it time to leave Ukraine, it is time to leave Ukraine

– Tell. However, the Foreign Ministry said it would maintain a smaller consular presence in western Ukraine near the Polish border in case of emergency.

The Pentagon announced Friday that it will send an additional 3,000 combat troops to Poland to join the one million people already assembled there.

In addition to the American forces heading to Poland, about a thousand American soldiers stationed in Germany would march on a similar mission to Romania. The United States already has about eighty thousand soldiers across Europe.

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