The study volume is presented, entitled The Budapest Report on the Persecution of Christians 2020

The study volume is presented, entitled The Budapest Report on the Persecution of Christians 2020

The Budapest Report on Persecution of Christians 2020 was presented in an online discussion on Wednesday, with the participation of Azbij Tristan, Minister of State for Aid to Persecuted Christians and Implementation of Hungary’s Aid Program.

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In the event aired on the Secretary of State’s Facebook page, a volume describing the lives and struggles of persecuted Christian communities will be published for the fourth time by the Prime Minister’s Secretariat and the College of Military Sciences at the National Civil Service University.

Azbij Tristan put it this way: “We are right in the midst of a struggle for civilization, and Christianity is under attack in many ways and from many directions.” He added that in the East and South this means violent persecution, and in the West, it is an anti-Christian “spiritual kind”.

He said that 340 million people in more than 80 countries around the world face discrimination because of their Christian faith, and many of them are persecuted due to genocide. He added, “On the other side of the world, they are trying to silence and minimize this fact.”

Azbij-Tristan recalled: Hungary was the first country in the world to launch a humanitarian aid initiative at the end of 2016 and early 2017, called Aid Hungary Program, which aims to help Christians persecuted because of their religion.

He reported the results: Over the course of four years, more than 100,000 Christians were allowed to remain in their homeland and, in some cases, to return to their homes. The program also helped classify the issue of persecuted Christians internationally. “We did not allow this global human rights crisis to be silenced,” he said, adding that they found allies who then began to support persecuted Christians on the Hungarian model.

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For example, he stated that the Polish government cooperated with the greatest commitment under the auspices of the program, and during the Trump administration, the United States was also committed to the cause of persecuted Christians. As shown, they are cooperating with Estonia, Greece, Slovenia and Brazil, in addition to planning joint programs with Germany in Africa.

Azbaj Tristan noted that in the diplomatic space, obstacles to winning supporters to help persecuted Christians “try to exclude the human right to freedom of religion and conscience” from human rights discourse.

Referring to the poll, Augustin Samuel Mraz, CEO of the Poll Group, which also conducts opinion polls, said, among other things, that more than half of the Hungarian population approves and supports state aid to persecuted Christians. He also stated that according to their research, less than half of Hungarians under the age of 40 knew that Christianity was the most persecuted religion in the world. St. II. Quoting the words of Pope John Paul, he also drew attention to the fact that “the origins of human rights and tolerance are Christian.”

Miklos Szanto, Director of the Center for Fundamental Rights, spoke of “the spiritual persecution of Christians” in Western Europe: the historical and cultural foundations of Western civilization can be summed up in the tripartite unity of “God, the nation, the family,” but since then the Enlightenment is worth it. After the collapse of the “God-centered world in Europe” at the dawn of the Enlightenment, the disintegration of nations began thereafter, and the current “beautiful and good” attack on gender theory is directed against the family.

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Jacqueline Ishaq, Vice President of Ways to Success, human rights activist Elena U Ushab, co-founder of the Alliance for the Response to Genocide, Matthew Hassan Kukah, Bishop of Sokoto Diocese in Nigeria, Mar Abrice Johanna, Assyrian Bishop Arbil, also spoke at the online presentation .

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