The Ukrainians launched a counterattack on Bahamut, not without success

“In order to advance, the enemy makes every effort and does not count on anything. Despite the heavy losses, more and more Wagner assault groups, fighters of other special companies and paratroopers are constantly being sent into battle. However, the enemy does not succeed. to take Bahmut, “he says. Shrinsky explained. He emphasized that the situation is very complicated, but at the same time, in some parts of the city, Ukrainian units launched a counterattack and occupied some positions.

According to the Commander-in-Chief, intense combat operations are still going on in the Bahmut direction, but the Russian forces have not yet been able to break through the defense of the Ukrainian positions. In the Liman direction, also in Donetsk province, Ukrainian forces have repulsed many attacks in recent days, and Russian forces have failed to occupy Ukrainian positions, suffering heavy losses, Sersky reported.

Meanwhile, the number of civilians injured in the Russian missile attack on the city of Pavlovrad in Dnipropetrovsk Governorate on Monday night rose to 34, including five children. The governor of the region, Zergyg Lesak, announced on the Telegram messaging app that two women are being treated intensively.

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