Index - Abroad - Italian Prime Minister resigns

Index – Abroad – Italian Prime Minister resigns

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned on Tuesday because his government lost a parliamentary majority after the youngest coalition party withdrew its ministers from the cabinet. MTI stated that his resignation was accepted by President Sergio Mattarella.

Conte forced into this situation a few weeks later, Matteo Renzi, the former prime minister and leader of a party called Italy Fifa, summoned his ministers from the current fragile governing coalition. Renzi said the prime minister was accused of mismanaging the second wave and failing to use 209 billion euros from the European Union to repair the damage caused by the epidemic. Associated Press.

Mattarella could begin lightning consultations with leaders of parliamentary parties on Wednesday afternoon, which could shut them down in less than a day. If, during the reconciliation, the parties provide majority support to Conte, the way is open for his third government. Otherwise, the head of state will also be another politician or apolitical expert The formation of the government can be trusted.

Press talks do not prevent the formation of a national unity government with the participation of the current ruling parties and opposition forces, nor, as a last resort, the holding of elections called for by the right-wing opposition parties.

During the consultations, the head of state will assess whether Giuseppe Conte has a sufficient majority to form another third government, which he now heads. If not, then it is up to the head of state to name another candidate for prime minister based on the party’s instructions or to search for other solutions.

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The second government of Giuseppe Conte, formed in September 2019, is now finished. It was the 66th government of Italy.

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