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The train is calling! MÁV awaits! And the forest, the painting, playing the guitar

The train is calling!  MÁV awaits!  And the forest, the painting, playing the guitar

The train breaks down, and the wheels roll between Southern Railway Station and Gear. Beautiful guide Angelica Talapper knows how many years she’s been ordering tickets on this line. I had a lot of dumplings too. And when you’re not swiping tickets on the train, you draw beautifully, play music, and take great photos.

Krisztina Frenyó / For many years you have been beating tickets on the Gyr railway, and in your spare time you draw so beautifully that your heart breaks. By playing guitar you can make your students happy, compose music with poems, take pictures with great sense and who knows what else you are doing. Tell me, Angelica, what happened first, the chicken or the egg? 😉

Talabér Angelika: A railroad career came into my life before painting and making music. I started my 30th year on rail this year. Playing music and drawing came into my life relatively late: I started playing the guitar at the age of 33 and then drawing at the age of 36. I loved the feeling that creativity gives, an experience like no other. The music of the poems began much later: the first song was composed about 5-6 years ago. But my hobbies only pile up, so it so happened that photography a few years ago stole my heart as well. I love nature and love capturing the many wonders that surround us!

Day guide, night painter, the next day with guitar in hand to see an exhibition, she is: Talabér AngelikaSource: Angelika Talabér

F. Q: Do you like the poem and compose a melody on it, or do you invent a melody and search for words?

ta: It often happens that I like the poem and try to pour the lines into the melody. It was also like being asked to compose music for a poem, but most of the time I choose, usually poems that have a deep word for me.

F. Q: You live with your family in close proximity, and your mother and daughter are close by. What do family, roots, and where you live mean to you?

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T. a: We live in a wonderful place in the lap of Closeup. I’ve lived my daily life here since I was a kid. Family is the most important thing in the world to me! Together we can overcome all difficulties. It’s great that no matter how busy our days are, we either eat lunch together or have dinner together, sit around the family table every day, discussing everyday things.

We rejoice together and look for solutions together in trouble. Even during our walks in the woods, we often talk about fears and everyday things in life. If the family can live together in peace and love, then there are no unsolvable things. The time they spend together is important. We always appreciate the minutes we spend together for as long as possible. You will always be ours.

He usually makes music for poems that have a deep word for himSource: Angelika Talabér

F. Q: The forest and nature play a major role in many of your paintings, photos, and everyday life. What do trees, forest and proximity to green mean to you? Do you inspire?

T. a: In fact, I can say that nature plays a very crucial role in my life. The forest has always been close to my heartin the meadow. I love birds and animals in general. I like capturing nature more in paintings and photos. Here one looks around and sees all the beautiful things around him. Often times my soul overflows with the feeling that she is so beautiful.

I want to capture everything I can. My environment constantly inspires me to show others what I find beautiful. In the daily rush, one tends to go for the little belle. I would like to I convey the message with my creations To see small miracles in everyday life. Let’s stop and be happy with the little things.

The train is calling! MÁV awaits!

F. Q: The life of a beautiful guide lady is certainly not easy, next to the family, with this timeline. How do you deal with this after all these years, and how do they, your loved ones at home, tolerate all this?

T: It has never been so easy to organize daily life with such a schedule. I can not confirm How important is the role of the family?. If I didn’t have such a stable family background behind me, I definitely wouldn’t be able to solve it this way. Luckily, I had help with everything, and my family got used to this kind of schedule. My partner works here too, so we’ve always worked on that schedule. Sure, after all these years, you can’t stand the rush any less, but I still feel like I’m in a good place. As long as we can and can, we will definitely stay here.

It has never been so easy to organize daily life with such a schedule, but his family always provides him with a stable backgroundSource: Angelika Talabér

FK: You must have had some interesting stories and adventures that happened to you on the train. Can you tell me some?

T: For example, thanks to one of these stories, I started singing and making music. Once a girl traveled with us, she had a guitar. We mixed up and then asked him to play music for us. We made friends and With his inspiration, I started playing guitar for him. To this day, I am very grateful to him for that. Our friendship has not slowly broken for 20 years. My life became richer with music.

Another interesting story: I met a lot of people, I talk. They were also asking for paintings. Once a lady called to hear our conversation and see if she could see the paintings too. Of course I said yes. He liked it by inviting him right away for exhibition in their library. We have become friends and have been involved in their shows many times since then.

Another nice story: here too, the scenario was pretty much the same. We talked a lot on the train with a lovely lady, we’ve been traveling together for a few years now, so she also knew our shows. Then in one fall, he pops out of his head to offer the empty attic as a venue for one of our exhibitions. We couldn’t have said no to such a generous invitation. For a while, our family’s creations have been there. This is also a private gallery because it is mine In addition to my paintings, my mom’s crochets and my daughter’s creationsas well as her jewelry. It is a very ideal place for small cultural events. It’s a great experience in today’s fast-paced world to get out of everyday life for a few hours.

You want to convey the message with your creativity to see small miracles in daily lifeSource: Angelika Talabér

F.K.: If you could send something to readers, what would it be?

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Talabér Angelika:

Life is short, but if we try to notice its little beauty, we have already done something for the well-being of ourselves and others. As long as we live, let us rejoice every day with what we have, because great things are not necessary for happiness. Dare to be creative, love and laugh. If we enjoy the little things and love our daily life, everything will be easier. Let’s cheer up together and stay people. If we can, let’s help others and never hurt! Let’s slow down and admire what’s left together. We protect our environment, because without it we cannot live.

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