Vadiúj cuccokkal rúgta be a karácsonyi szezont a PlayStation Gear Store bevezetőkép

The PlayStation Gear Store is kicking off the Christmas season with brand new stuff

As a fan and looking for gift ideas, you might want to take a look at the collection.

The PlayStation Gear Store, the official store for PlayStation-themed stuff, is an exciting place for those who want to hone their passion for the console with PS-themed trinkets. The good news for them is that Sony recently revealed its latest range of Winter 2021 products to hardcore fans.

Although the digital souvenir shop has been available in Europe since 2015, unfortunately the Japanese still do not deliver the products to Hungary. In Austria, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, however, to mention only the countries with a larger Hungarian community, we may be interested in the new group.

The set includes 10 items from sweaters to Christmas tree ornaments, cups and blankets. The Official blog post Accordingly, the coolest blue glass Christmas tree decorations can unfortunately be ordered only in America, but the acrylic collection depicting the heroes of PS exclusive titles (like Kratos, Ratchet, Aloy) can enhance the holiday atmosphere in European homes as well.

At the time of writing, the estimated delivery dates are between December 15 and 31, depending on the product;

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