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The T1000 terminator could become a reality thanks to scientists

The T1000 terminator could become a reality thanks to scientists

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator movie doesn’t look that amazing now. The T-1000 model may become a reality.

21.10.2023 – Terminator films today are no longer as successful as they were in the 80s and 90s, for example. Regardless, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-500 character is still considered iconic today. And while the films themselves no longer perform well at the box office — the last one was released in 2019 — the film’s protagonists still radiate their old glory in video games.

Sarah Connor and Schwarzenegger’s indestructible robot have become playable characters in Fortnite, while the latter has also been included in Call of Duty: Warzone. Moreover, in the case of the latter, the T-1000 model is also made playable.

Terminator indeed

Speaking of the T-1000, let’s talk a little bit about reality. Because, as strange as it may seem, we will soon reach the point where the science fiction creations in question will seem real. The T-1000 Terminator was able to “repair” itself, thanks to the “living technology” with which it was made. He can transform into a mercury-like mass from which he can reproduce himself almost instantly.

Now scientists actually have something similar On technology they are working. The team at the Materials, Architecture, and Integration of Nanomembranes (MAIN) research center has created small modules in which silicon chips are built. The so-called SMARTLETs could be coded and controlled to form complex structures – this would be a similar process to refurbishing a T-1000 terminator. Of course, Robert Patrick’s amazing game remains just a fantasy, but one day we may see these smart smartphones become part of the best smartphones. Think about it, a phone that if accidentally dropped or broken, repairs itself. This sounds very good, if only because it almost certainly wouldn’t be worth it to the developers. There is a huge amount of money hidden in electronic repair.

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“Living technology” is an area of ​​technology in which researchers attempt to create systems that mirror the operation of biological systems with characteristics taken from life-like ones.

Thanks to the flexible electronics of rapidly evolving microbiology, the MAIN team has been able to turn the “terminator project” conceived more than 20 years ago into a reality. This latest development belongs to the category of microelectronic conformation.

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