A stúdió ragaszkodott a The Batman korhatár-besorolásához bevezetőkép

The studio insisted on age rating for Batman

Warner Bros. awarded Director Creative Reeves has a lot of creative freedom, but the PG-13 was the only strict limitation of production.

It became official in January that it was starring Robert Pattinson Batman movie It wouldn’t be as brutal and bloody as the fan camp had expected. the movie It is rated as PG-13which turned out to be Warner Bros.’s only strict requirement..

Director Matt Reeves spoke about the film in an interview, and of course the age limit topic was discussed.

rivest a collider Asked about production, the director confirmed that he has the utmost support from Warner Bros. Since the first meeting in the stadium. The studio really liked the idea of ​​a younger Batman and action-packed thriller. Warner officials have not disputed the concept, but have strictly stipulated that the film must go under a PG-13 rating.

The director added that he tried to push those limits, and the end result was exactly what he imagined. Reeves said it was nothing new for him to adapt to PG-13, and similarly he managed to find a balance in The Planet of the Apes films. There was no need for R-class solutions, and, refuting some of the rumors, it turned out that no R-class cuts were made from the film.

The Batman He will debut in home theaters alongside Pattinson on March 3rd Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell in the main roles.

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