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Dave Boyle is bringing House of Ninjas to Netflix

Dave Boyle is bringing House of Ninjas to Netflix

Kento Kaku stars in the Netflix series House of Ninjas. (Netflix)

As writer, director, executive producer and showrunner, Dave Boyle brings “the story of a modern-day ninja family” in the 8-episode Netflix series House of Ninjas, launching Thursday.

Filmed entirely in Japan and in Japanese with English subtitles, “Ninjas” is ultimately the story of two opposing ninja families. It was the idea of ​​Japanese actor and producer Kento Kaku. Boyle, the only non-Japanese crew member, was responsible for developing its epic story.

“The main thing that Kento brought was the idea of ​​a ninja family living in the modern era. In other words, ‘imagine a ninja clan that has been active since the 17th century,’” Boyle said in a Zoom interview from Japan.

Five hundred years later, “what would their descendants be like if they had to pass down these traditions to today?”

For the research, Boyle did a “deep dive into real-life ninja clans that we probably haven't heard much about, at least in the movies and TV shows that have made it to America.”

This “house” highlights the Tawara clan of modern ninjas. “Everyone in the family has their own feelings about what it means to be a ninja. Some of them really miss the old days. Some still abide by all these rules. Others long to separate, to be free and do what they want.

“It's not just a job, it's an identity that each of them is struggling with, and how to live in the modern era.”

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While we may be familiar with samurai warriors, who exactly are ninja, who include women as equals in their ranks?

“A ninja is a combination of a spy, an assassin, a rogue and a con artist,” Boyle explained. “They engage in information warfare as well as actual warfare. They are stealth warriors.

“Basically, they are the soldiers who fight on the battlefield, only the ninjas you didn't know were there. They are the ones who pass on history without anyone noticing.”

“In ancient Japan, they were mostly peddlers, farmers, and merchants who traveled by light. Then at night they would engage in espionage and assassination. They are experts in poisons (and medicines, too). They always worked alongside the ruling clan. They always had a master.” He basically hired them to do their dirty work for them.”

Boyle laughed. “I should point out that all of these things I'm saying are hotly debated. That's the hardest part about this, because when you say something very specific about ninjas, everyone starts fighting with each other. “Well, actually, no, it was “It's that way.”

“Depending on who you talk to, whether they're heroes or villains, it will vary greatly.”

Netflix is ​​streaming House of Ninjas on February 15

Dave Boyle "Ninja House" Streams on Netflix.  (Netflix)
House of Ninjas, directed by Dave Boyle, is streaming on Netflix. (Netflix)

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