The star feels invisible after becoming plasticized

The star feels invisible after becoming plasticized

Jennifer Gray deeply regretted her nose injury.

Jennifer Gray which a dirty dance Known as the classic Babyje movie, he will be publishing his autobiography on May 3rd. outside the cornerR. Regarding the memoirs, the 62-year-old actress has given several interviews recently, including New York timesand People He also testified in front of a magazine that he was put under the knife several times after the 1987 romantic musical, and that rhinoplasty changed his appearance and his life dramatically.

“The dirty dance You were America’s favorite then, which you might think could have been the key to fulfilling all my desires and dreams, he wrote in his autobiography. “But it didn’t happen that way.” In the memoir, Jennifer Gray goes on to say that even after the blockbuster movie, there was something that didn’t make her look like other actresses. Then he called it that his nose was the “problem”.

Jennifer Gray and her Dirty Dancing partner Patrick Swayze. Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

He writes, “The so-called ‘problem’ wasn’t a problem for me either, it seemed like a problem to others that time wouldn’t solve, so it became a problem for me too.” “It looked as clear as the nose on my face.”

American actress People He also told the magazine that he was “totally anti-rhinoplasty” and that he resisted the surgery for too long. “I thought it would be like surrendering myself to the enemy. I thought I was good, I shouldn’t have done it. I really felt that way. And I’m pretty enough.”

Jennifer Gray then went on to say that her mother, actress Jo Wilder, had surgery on her nose, and so did her Academy Award winning father, Joel Gray. He perfectly understands his parents’ time. “It all happened in the fifties, and I understand that they wanted to assimilate,” he said of his parents of Jewish origin. –

Understandably, they had to change their names and do certain things, that was normal then, right? You cannot be a Jew. I mean, you can’t look like a Jew.”

The actress said that her mother loved her, but suggested that she have nose surgery in her career. After Jennifer Gray chewed the topic with her mother and three plastic surgeons, she was put under the knife twice to “purify” her nose. The People– The interview also revealed that a dirty dance His star soon realized that he had made a mistake in operations. “Orrmageddon,” he said of the case when he met Michael Douglas at the premiere after his second surgery, whom he did not recognize.

Jennifer Gray in 2021. Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

“It was my first public appearance. And this situation became so familiar, I became completely invisible overnight. I was no longer myself in the eyes of the world.” “I lost my identity and my profession overnight,” he wrote in his book. But Jennifer Gray got tired of telling her story instead, so she vowed to write the memoir. “It’s a new feeling. Get out of the corner — and realize I planted myself out there.”

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