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Giorgi Korda: It would be nice to call our street after me


By the way, the new owner has already erected the building. The couple let him do it before taking it, because he’s an entrepreneur He will create luxury apartmentsAnd they wanted to start their advertising as quickly as possible.

The Cordas announced in the summer: They sold the building they owned for several decades Photo: Zoltan Nagy

It is our duty to return the love

If we consider that the legendary property only has 25 rooms, we can easily realize that it is worth several million. Cabinets, beds, refrigerators, mirrors, and televisions are not sold, but are given as gifts to organizations they believe benefit society most.

“It’s also good to be able to help.” We have already received so many good things from people that we felt it was our duty to give them back out of love. We renovated our hotel three years ago and then also replaced most of the furniture. However, we did not expect the pandemic that changed the world and our lives. We had to cancel the hotelbut we only look forward in life – Tell Georgia Korda To Borse, then he showed us a tour of his former empire. He also showed a real treasure in one of the rooms.

I received this antique wardrobe from my mother as a gift for my first apartment.

I lived in my mom’s hotel for a long time, but I was tired of not being able to take girls and having to go to Gellért Hill with them, so I wanted to become independent.

The singer revealed.

Villa Korda Furniture, Giorgi Korda, REpost
He got the antique wardrobe from his mom. Photo: Ripost

They didn’t get help

“My wife, Clarica, and I, the good God holds us in the palm of his hand.” Even at 83, I can live with teens chanting my name at concerts. Last week, we had six shows, and the smallest audience was 8000 peopleR – said the performer with unconvincing pride.

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The respectful donation justifies the question of what kind of assistance Giorgi Korda received in his life.

– I have never received any kind of financial support or non-repayable loan, but even more human help! When I was discharged in 1965 after two years in the army, I sat at home and thought what I should do.

At 9pm the manager of the Béke Hotel called me on the phone to say “Hey Jorica, you’re going to be late for the show”.

These were human words that started to cry. I sang in the hotel for another 20 years and did not ask in advance how much I would get for the performance.

The beautiful villa will remain an everlasting memory. Photo: Bors

We want to leave a lot behind

Think briefly about the question of what people will know about him in 500 years.

“Everyone is interested in whether there is something after he is gone.” My wife and I want to leave a lot of traces. Whether it be our humanity, or our songs, or our singing, or even the Villa Corda on Sikla Street, which, of course, will not be the same soon, but I will still be glad if it stays that way for a little while.

It would also be nice to have our street named after me one day

The singer smiled.

Korda realizes how much the presence of audio players helps his survival. We know Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos existed, but we have no experience of what he had to listen to playing.

“I’m proud that my voice still looks beautiful at my age.” Of course, it’s not like it was 60 years ago, but no footballer ran as well at 83 as he did when he was 25.

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They don’t handle online comments

Everyone knows the singer as a peaceful person. According to his claim, he is incapable of even real aggression, anger at most.

It never occurred to me to hit someone. Neither with a woman nor with a man. I’m a fan of leveling up. My opinion is that everything can be done with a conversation – explained György Korda, who did not change his position even when we asked him the question: What would he do if someone spoke disrespectfully to Klárika.

“It never happened to me, but my wife never gave me a reason either.” Internet commentators sometimes write offensive things, but we don’t deal with it. The Internet gives people the false freedom of appearing without names or faces.

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