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The red medium, the rarest flower in the world

Also called the red camellia or primrose, it is called Middlemist’s Red Flowerot is considered the rarest flower in the world as there are only two of these valuable plants, one in New Zealand and one in the UK.

Fotó: Chiswick House and Gardens, Facebook

The flower is named after John Middlemist, who collected it in China in 1804. The red camellia has long been a rare flower that can only be found in the majestic English home of wealthy families. Middlemis himself donated his copy to Kew Gardens, but it somehow disappeared. By 1823, Chiswick House & Gardens, the majestic home of England, had become the only place in the United Kingdom where the flower could be admired.

How the flower was wiped out from its homeland, China, and how it moved to New Zealand, where it has survived for centuries, is a mystery to which we will probably never find an answer. What we do know is that it is an extremely rare type of camellia, and therefore is of great value as well. Officially, the Treaty House of New Zealand in New Zealand and the previously mentioned Chiswick House and Gardens in England are the only two places in the world where we can see and even buy this specialty. Even if we allocate 3200 pounds to it, or 319 thousand forints per thread.



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