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Extraliga: In second place by half a distance – we were entering the international arena

Extraliga: In second place by half a distance – we were entering the international arena

The Komlói Bányász table tennis team is writing the most beautiful pages of its history. Sabjáns is waiting for the continuation of the spring in the Extraliga from second place in the table. Photo: Szita, in the background Zoltán Pintér is watching

The silver medal achieved in the domestically organized Final Four in May was Kmólo’s best ever performance. (The gold was withdrawn from Celldömölk after the PEAC warning, so the third-place finishers from Hopmó could receive a silver medal).

The department’s management did not celebrate success for a long time. There was a lot of movement at the club in the summer. A new team had to be built. In addition to the key players, Sabján and Szita, Péter Sebestyén (Mezőberény), Wei Chen Yu (Chinese table tennis Hungarian) and Olivér Both (Mainz) came to the blue-whites to replace the departing Ahmadi Amin, Attila Kozu. and Pence Bognar.

PEAC’s defeat created a national response

Although there were risks, it soon became clear that our team had not weakened despite great comings and goings. Head Coach Zoltan Pinter (Dojo) He shuffled the cards well; A team with excellent spirit, fighting for each other until the end, came together in Kökönyös, which finished the fall season in second place to everyone’s surprise. We have a good chance of getting back into the top four at the end of the regular season.

miner With 7 wins and 2 losses It brought the best fall in its history. Only Sildomolek, who is coached by multiple champion Tibor Klampar, and Solvadkert, who always has a chance for the final square, can defeat our boys. It’s fall, but I would say the greatest achievement of the last half-decade belongs to the Blue and Whites, when in mid-October we achieved the success in club history, crushing the last three years’ champions, rival PEAC county, 8-6.

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Our key players with ties to Komló have played a huge part in the fall’s successes. Martin Sitta 87%, Gergely Sabjan They dropped falls at a rate of 71% and an honest game, they were the leaders of our young team. He is 16 years old and has been injured in the last rounds as well Wei Chen YuBeside Peter Sebesten – Offer extra play at times – Important points brought in during the fall. The crowning glory of their achievements up to that point, they both played formidable and defeated Beto, who had been picked several times, in the already mentioned County Championship. Oliver both In the last rounds he played 5 matches and won 2 of them.

Sabján, Szita, Sebestyén, Both, and Wi Chen Yu

“There is no doubt, we are close to the quarter-finals. In advance, I expected that 5-6-7. We will compete for a place, but so far we have exceeded my minimum expectations,” Zoltan Binter summed up the fall season, adding that it will not be easy to continue.

of course no. Extraliga has become very strong in recent years. No one team gets out of the bottom 10 field, everyone has to struggle against everyone for points. The promoted teams have also been bolstered by skilled foreign players or returning Hungarians. It is a good indication of the balance of the field that half of the teams are threatened with elimination. The same applies to those who are in the first half of the table. Apart from the flawless Sildomulk, 4-5 teams are vying for the top 4 spots with approximately the same chance.

A pair of Wei Chen and Sebastian

“The goal is to get into the top four,” continued Zoltan Binter. For second place in the regular season, PEAC must be defeated away from home. Third place could be realistic, but it would also require a feat, because in the spring – except for Szondi – we play away from home against opponents (Soltvadkert, Celldömölk, PEAC, Csákvár). In the case of the playoffs, the third place can be included even if we only win the mandatory places,” our head coach said about the chances of spring.

The successes of recent years have been recognized by MOATSZ. about this dowry Eva Pinter-Csuty Wire. The head of the department reports that the floor of the Kökönyös hall will be covered with taraflex in the coming weeks, and five brand new tables have also arrived. Renovating KBSK’s auditorium lighting is high on MOATSZ’s list of infrastructure developments that will enable long-term women’s NBI tours – outline plans.

Sabján took the team on the back

More daring ideas were formulated within the ranks of the department. Eva Pinter-Csuty also mentioned the possibility of international participation. Our team qualified for the European Cup with a silver medal last year, but due to financial considerations, it failed at the last moment. But only for now. Because if this year’s tournament goes well, we will enter the international arena. Bányász will enter one of the cups under the auspices of ETTU (European Union), and even based on the successful organization of last year’s Final Four, the proven arena of the city’s sports center will host the group stage.

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The Extraliga spring season is expected to start at the end of February, beginning of March…

Extraliga standings: 1. cell protrusion 27 pixels (9 wins) 2. Bányász Hügiéne Komlói 23p (7 wins, 2 losses) 3. PTE PEAC 20p (6 wins, 2 losses) 4. Szondi SE 18p (4 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses) 5. Soltvad Park 17 points (4 wins, 5 losses) 6. jealous 16p (3 wins, 1 draw, 5 losses) 7. Ksakvar 15p (3 wins, 6 losses) 8. DVTK 14p (2 wins, 1 draw, 6 losses) 9. Mosonmagyaróvár 13p (2 wins, 7 losses) 10. Szeged 13p (2 wins, 7 losses)

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