The political situation in Eastern Europe is deteriorating

The political situation in Eastern Europe is deteriorating

The index, which measures the state of the economy, decreased by 10 points compared to the fourth quarter of last year, and the political index decreased by 9 points.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine plunged the region into a deep economic and political crisis

Niklas Putravke, a researcher at the IFO Institute, said.

The survey also shows that Eastern Europe is starting to lag behind the rest of the continent.

The assessment of the economic policy situation increased by 10 points in Northern Europe and by 5 points in Southern Europe. In Western Europe, the institute measured a milder and more accurate increase. At the same time, perceptions of the political situation improved everywhere except in the Eastern Province.

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Abroad, the picture is mixed, according to an IFO survey. In North America, it showed a slight improvement in economic policy, with the index up 4 points. In contrast, Central and South America produced a decrease of 10 points. In Asia, expansion was mostly measured in relevant indicators. There was an increase of about 10 points in key areas.

In their IFO questionnaires, they calculated the economic and political livelihoods of the region from the answers to two questions. When calculating the economic policy index, the questions are:

  • How would you rate the current economic policy of your country?
  • To what extent does your country’s current economic policy address the challenges of the future?

When assessing the political situation, the participants should evaluate the performance of the state government and the stability of the current political situation of the country.

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The data collected from February 16 to March 2, 2022 was processed in the last survey.

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