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Index – Economy – Some people represent Hungary in the International Student Olympiad in Economics final

Index - Economy - Some people represent Hungary in the International Student Olympiad in Economics final

The Hungarian Final of the Student Economics Olympiad 2020-2021 ended with the victory of Flora Naxa, a student at Teleki Blanca High School in Sixvervar. The Hungarian Economic Association (MKT) said that nearly 300 students from 62 schools in 37 settlements have applied to participate in the multi-tournament competition.

In the national final of the competition, organized by MKT online due to the epidemiological situation, the top nine written rounds compared their knowledge. The top five winners, led by Flóra Nacsa, will be able to represent Hungary in the international final of the V4 Economic Olympics, launched at the initiative of the Czech Republic.

After the written rounds, the top nine contestants gave an oral presentation of their knowledge to the professional jury, which was given by Arpad Kovacs, Chair of the Budget Board, Honorary Chair of the MKT, Giorgi Kuchisky, Professor of Miskolc University, member of the Monetary Council and Laszlo Trautmann, was Associate Professor of BCE and formed Department of Development Economics at MKT.

The main sponsor of the final match was Giorgi Matulci, Governor of Magyar Nemzeti Bank, and at the start of the competition, Barnabas Viraj, Vice President of MNB, greeted the contestants in a video message.

The final notes of the competition stated that, starting this year, and in accordance with the relevant government decision, students who reach the podium of the international finals will be enriched with an additional 30 points in the specialized university admission procedures.

Winners of the National Final Match of V4 Economic Olympiad:

  1. Flora Naxa, a student at Teleki Blanca High School in Sixverver,
  2. Pallant Hazi, from Joseph Croese Technical School in Szeged,
  3. Levente Szűcsi in Eger, John Neumann High School, Technical School and College Students,
  4. Fehér-KaplárZsombor, student at Illyés Gyula High School, Vocational High School and Technical School in Budaörs
  5. Daniel Szabo of the Joseph Croese Technical School in Sieged.

In the competition’s international final, they will test their knowledge of the English language with the best students from V4 countries. Greek and Chinese students will also participate in the competition this year.

The organizing partners of the MKT are Corvinus University’s MNB Institute in Budapest, the Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Center, the Money Compass Foundation, and the Budapest Institute of Business Banking.

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