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The passengers of the submarine that disappeared near the Titanic died

The passengers of the submarine that disappeared near the Titanic died

“We regret that we now believe that our CEO Stockton Rush, Shahzada Dawood, his son Suleiman Daoud, and Paul Henry Nargulet are lost. These men were true explorers with a special spirit of adventure and a deep commitment to exploring and protecting the world’s oceans.”

in his statement OceanGate Submarine Tour Company.

OceanGate also expressed its condolences to the families and thanked those involved in the search for their efforts.

US Coast Guard Admiral John Mauger confirmed in a news conference that the submarine’s captain and four passengers had been killed.

The wreck was found with the help of a remote-controlled underwater robot from a Canadian ship Thursday morning 488 meters from the bow of the Titanic at a depth of about 4 kilometers. He said the debris field indicated that the airlock had collapsed.

The US Coast Guard said they are continuing to search the sea floor near the Titanic for more clues to determine what may have happened to the Titanic. In addition, efforts are underway to bring the wreckage of the submarine and the remains of its passengers to the surface. These works are mainly carried out using remote controlled robots.

The conditions are very harsh out there at the bottom of the sea

John Mauger confirmed.

The diving boat, used for tourism purposes, set off on Sunday with five people on board on its originally scheduled voyage of less than half a day to the wreck of the Titanic. After the disappearance of Titan, a massive search and rescue operation was launched in an area of ​​about 10,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean.

They knew the work was deadly: but the victims of the submarine Titanic had spent a fortune on it

OceanGate Expeditions’ submarine Titan lifted off at 6 am on Sunday and, according to experts, had enough oxygen for about 96 hours. According to the Canadian Rescue Coordination Centre, Titan was about 700 kilometers south of St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Sunday night, and several rescue ships and aircraft have been searching for the submarine since then. Read more —>

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