The old track they leave like that because that’s what makes it special

One of the most famous sites in America is the exact opposite of a modern classic. If you ask any driver, the first thing he mentions about Sebring is uneven asphalt, but usually in a positive way.

“The motto of the place: stay solid, natural and don’t touch it.”sum it up Sebastien Bourdis.

“It’s very difficult, but in the end the challenge is the same for everyone.” – he said of the former airport, most of which is still reusing the original asphalt from 80 years ago.

Many people immediately look at the poor quality surface of the track, but with this they immediately admit that they are unable to recognize and recognize the character of Sebring. However, most of them are waiting for a completely different kind of challenge that this path presents.

Super Sebring’s current form is in jeopardy

“You hear a lot of different opinions from drivers when it comes to Sebring.” – said Marco Sorensen, who will now compete in the 12 Hours race for the first time after competing in the WEC 1000 Miles several times.

“Some people really don’t like it and say you shouldn’t race here, but I like it because this place is really about the drivers. It’s special in a lot of ways, if you’re looking for a real challenge, try to go fast here because you’ll get everything in your face. “

“It’s not just about going over bumps, because you can use them. On used tires, they can help you turn the car around or even keep it from skidding. There are a lot of things you can do expertly enough, so Sebring is one of my favorites.”

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With its dubious reputation, the site has become the site of one of the most famous races, which has also been selected for the Endurance Triple Crown, along with Le Mans and Daytona. Although the race is “only” 12 hours long, it is still way ahead of the Spa or Nurburgring 24 Hours for GT cars.

However, the Sebring is definitely one of the biggest challenges for the machines, and the drivers say that despite the other 24-hour races, the Sebring still makes a mark on them.

“The last time I got the last 20 to 30 minutes of daylight my retinas burned, then night came and I felt quite the opposite. – says Andy Lally, one of last year’s runners-up. – Because of the pop-ups and the darkness and sunshine in March, it’s so much better when you step on the stage here. This ordeal even makes you forget how tired you are.”

He “almost lost a tooth,” said Laurens Vanthoor after the first laps of that year, but has since undergone a change of heart when it comes to Sebring.

“We moved here about three or four years ago, and maybe someday we will. We love spending time here and enjoying American life. In a good sense, motorsport seems to be much more lively here than in Europe, especially sports car racing.”

“Sebring is an amazing event, a very special track that you can either love or hate depending on where you are. I always look forward to it and am thrilled to be part of the competition.”

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