The Mercedes battery plant in Kecskemét will be devoid of water

The construction of the new station, including the logistics areas, will contain the latest construction solutions in order to protect the integrity of the soil and groundwater. In addition, very strict fire protection regulations are applied, which are derived from the practices of similar factories operating in Mercedes-Benz’s global production network.

The same factory activity that will be set up in Kecskemét, namely the installation of batteries for the Mercedes-EQ electric cars, is now being carried out in factories on three continents, among others in Untertürkheim in Germany (Hedelfingen and Brühl factories) and Kamenz, in Jawor in Poland, and in Tuscaloosa in the USA.

The announcement stated that one of the key success factors for Mercedes-Benz’s electric strategy is the local installation of batteries in vehicles manufactured there.

According to the information, and according to the company’s announcement last July, Mercedes-Benz is preparing its factory in Kecskemét for future tasks with investments of more than one billion euros, which include expanding the existing factory with new buildings for the structure and assembly. production line.

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