The official government decision has been made, such as the new Hungarian license plates

The official government decision has been made, such as the new Hungarian license plates

Based on the government’s decision a Introduced July 1, 2022

  • permanent license plate A 11 / a. According to Annex I, the blue square representing the European flag contains 12 yellow five-pointed stars, a white H and the coat of arms of Hungary (hereinafter: the coat of arms),
  • temporary license plate In addition to the letter and number combinations, the blue square representing the European flag contains 12 yellow five-pointed stars, a white H and the coat of arms.

Depending on the nature of the permanent number plate, it may be a) serial generic, b) individually selected serial product, c) single product, or d) private.

The appendix to the regulation details all possible versions of the new type of number plate. The permanent core license plate, which we will encounter more frequently than the second half of next year, has changed at that time

  • Instead of the 3 letters and 3 numbers, 2 letters and 3 numbers appear on it twice, and
  • A new element is the coat of arms as well.
Source: Government Decree 303/2021. (VI.1) Annexed to the Government Decree.

Current rules state that a license plate produced in series contains three letters and three numbers. It now changes as follows: “The permanent number plate consists of two vowels or two consonants according to the Latin alphabet, with the exception of the letter combinations cs, gy, ly, ny, sz, ty and zs, followed by two letters, a hyphen and three. The letters on the plate may not be substituted. Register with accented vowels, and numbers can be replaced with a value between 001 and 999.”

Brand new content item for new license plates A summit:

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Special license plates will also be renewed

A separate annex to the regulation also specifies the rules that apply to special number plates and how they will look in the new system.

The number of taxis also changes accordingly. The authority of the Traffic Department is specified in the government decree on the transportation of passengers by land for hire or reward Issuance of a yellow or light green TX plate on a vehicle performing ground transportation. That is, the newly arrived taxis will run on the roads next year with a TX sign, yellow or green (if you have an electric motor).

Special license plates include diplomatic license plates marked with CD, which will look like this as of July 1, 2022:

From the middle of next year, owners of older cars will have the following number plate:

Of course, the regulation also does not forget about the individual number plates of the official bodies. This will look like this:

The appearance of license plates affixed to bicycle carriers will also change in line with the new rules.

A green car license plate will look like this

The special color of the green license plate is light green, the letters and frame color are black, the first two letters are replaced by two vowels or two consonants, except for the letters cs, gy, ly, ny, sz and ty, zs, followed by the coat of arms, consists of two letters, A hyphen, three digits. Numbers range from 001 to 9999. If the use of a custom-made license plate is permitted, it must consist of a minimum of 3 letters, a minimum of 6 cursive letters, a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 digits connected, with 7 letters, followed by the cover of the arms. The numbers on the assigned number pad must not consist of only zeros.

There is also a new solution for temporary license plates

They are developing an IT system

In another decision, the government also decided to create the necessary conditions for the introduction of new license plates. The 7-point resolution states, among other things, that the government agrees to develop the required specialized IT systems by introducing new license plates. In this, NISZ Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt. , IdomSoft Informatikai Zrt. , Police, Transportation Authority, Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató, Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató.

Finance Minister Mihaly Varga should find HUF 320 million in next year’s budget, plus an additional HUF 112 million to fund additional police expenditures associated with the new system, and finally HUF 508 million in expenditures related to state property and revenue separation.

Cover art illustration. Source: MTI Photo / Attila Balázs

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