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The manager of Crush Animals has sued the singer

The manager of Crush Animals has sued the singer

As we wrote previously, Dolly was embroiled in a cruelty scandal, as her former manager was accused of serious animal cruelty. The singer has denied responsibility from the start and claims she was unaware of the horrific facility the dogs were kept in, but the manager has now responded to Dolly’s allegations.

The Dolly animal cruelty scandal, which the police are currently investigating, remains more complex. Sick dogs found at the Gyöngyös colony were taken to safety, and rescued by authorities from conditions beyond class.

Even though the singer went by her name, she denied from the start that she knew about her manager’s horrific activities, but many people are skeptical of her claims. Now, Dolly’s former manager, Rita B., and her attorney have also spoken out about the case.

Dolly’s former manager hit back, accusing the singer of something seriousSource: MTI / Zsolt Zih

According to the attorney, neither his client nor Dolly were listed as suspects in the proceedings.

If my client is called as a witness, in this case we will testify, but if he is questioned as a suspect, we will provide the appropriate evidence,” started the lawyer Dr. Kiraly Martin, who also revealed that the investigation is still ongoing, but a public decision has already been made in the case.

My client was fined 27 million HUF for animal protection, although the facts were not clarified. “He was convicted because he did not make his statement, and therefore by definition we will resort to legal remedies,” said the lawyer who will appeal the decision.

Rita, Dolly’s former manager, who is suspected of animal cruelty, has now decided to tell the truth about the singer, who is accusing her of something serious.

Five years ago, the artist named my client as her heir-in-chief, who has been continually working for Dolly since 2017. However, she has not been paid, so we are in the process of filing a business case against Dolly, and we have also filed a complaint. From our point of view, Dolly manipulated my client, because she knew very well that she would not want to leave any sick animal alone, so it was easy to force her into this terrible situation. Based on what my client said, Dolly knew what was going on on the farm and had something to do with it.” to blink Rita is a lawyer, who claims the opposite of what the singer previously said, and who has not yet responded to her former manager’s allegations.

Dolly can still tell what’s going on at the Gyöngyös breeding farmSource: Dolly / Facebook

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