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The journalist expects that American interests will be served in return for the dollars given to the media

The journalist expects that American interests will be served in return for the dollars given to the media

The journalist expects that American interests will be served in return for the dollars given to the media

The Embassy of the United States of America and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Budapest announces an open tender to support independent journalism, for which five hundred thousand dollars are allocated. In turn, they expect the “independents” to serve the interests of the US State Department, and additional support may come in return. However, it seems that even before the program, which is expected to start in September, there was a “freelance” editor who worked for David Pressman, because Válasz Online had already published articles with the support of the Embassy, ​​which they themselves recognized. But now they have fallen into amnesia.

The US State Department Embassy in Budapest has announced an open tender to support Hungarian independent press organizations and civic organizations that are actively promoting media freedom in Hungary, Magyar Nemzyt reported, adding that the program’s stated goal is to promote high-quality journalism and the long-term sustainability of independent press organizations and journalists. In addition, it was made clear in the call for bids that the initiative should serve the interests of the US State Department, and further grant disbursement could be expected. Independent media organizations operating in Hungary, independent civic organizations/NGOs engaged in activities aimed at promoting media freedom in Hungary and independent educational institutions offering academic and/or professional development courses or other development resources to students, journalists or others in the media field can apply for the bid.

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We have known for a long time that Soros’ blog, which began to unravel after the harassment scandal, i.e., also received support from abroad, but it seems that Válasz Online has also joined the dollar media network. Evidence of this is that one of the founding members who left, Peter Maghiari, joined Válasz Online, thus building a bridge between Válasz Online, which once professed bourgeois values, and left-wing media. And although the moderator denies the accusations and writes that

As before, we will not take advantage of international bidding opportunities or European or American sourcing.

However, the reality is different, because Daniel Diack is 21st. In one of the publications, the leading analyst of Szazad Intézet pulled the veil from the portal, which described itself their article Supported by the US Embassy in Hungary.

So it appears newspapers are being redistributed in the left-wing media and, which has been doing quite well so far, is now in the lot, and Telex will take over instead. Meanwhile, Válasz Online also joins the company with the advent of Magyar, because despite their violent protest, they also seem to want to take advantage of David Pressman’s sources as “independent” journalism.

It is also interesting that Magyari is now being praised in the columns of Válasz Online, which was not the case before, as he is mentioned as the author of the heccorgan.

Source: Hungarian Nation, Photo: Facebook

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