About Zsófi Máté Szabó Járai and Dávid Miller: they could be the Hungarians Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – VIDEO

It’s been a long time Of great importance The relationship between Zsófi Szabó and Dávid Miller development, because according to many, they would be a cute couple. Their former teammate has now revealed if the rumors have any basis.

According to Máté Járai, one of his former classmates could be a real-life dream couple Photo: Gábor Nagy/Kisalföld

Repost wrote that too a few months ago Mateh Garay was fired from RTLwhere mainly at breakfast Viewers can see it. At the time of his departure, the actor revealed how damaging the channel’s decision had been, but he’s now over it. the 7 general photo guest on a YouTube channel called Where he revealed several secrets behind the scenes, including this Fans have reason to hope Zsófi Szabo And David Miller in his relationship.

They are a couple who work very well. It’s no secret that they love to be grouped together. Two young and beautiful people, who are quite obviously good to watch. I think this is a secret desire of the media, (…) to make two stars out of them. This may be beyond joking. If you ask me, I don’t think they would ever become a couple, but that’s just my opinion

– Tell Matthew about his former colleaguesthen added:

I think they’re a couple that works really well and right together, and they could be the Hungarians Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.Of course I don’t want to exaggerate. (…) I think they are a dream couple, and at the moment this is everyone’s dream, but not theirs.

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