The hurdles are steep for Paks 2, and the building permit issued last year still isn’t worth much

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2023-04-25 06:05:00

Through ongoing examination of the updated Initial Safety Report, the National Atomic Energy Agency (OAH) concluded that Paks II. Zrt. Additional information awaits – the authority informed our newspaper.

A report is accepted when they are satisfied that it meets the criteria. They stated that there is no specific administrative date in the law.

As you may remember, last year the authority issued a so-called building permit for a Hungarian-Russian investment plan worth several thousand billion forints, about a year late compared to the deadline. Even filing was delayed by at least two years, the license of apparent central importance required submission of an updated initial safety report, among many additional requirements. Andras Berger, Head of the Climate and Energy Campaign at Greenpeace, drew attention to the fact that acceptance of this application is a prerequisite for all construction projects affecting nuclear safety.

The expert described the matter eloquently that the authority issued an important statement without its most important elements. According to him, it seems that the Russians are simply unable to devise plans that comply with Hungarian nuclear regulations and thus the European Union. By the way, today, nine years after the conclusion of the Orban-Putin nuclear agreement, it is not even certain that the Russians have a fundamental interest in allocating significant resources to invest in Hungary, which is still awaiting approval but is also bleeding. from many other wounds.

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– This is clear from our article.

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