Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

The huge bonus can come into the hands of Leclerc in the event that an individual finishes second

Charles Locklear The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be decisive for him, because if he is able to beat Sergio Perez and thus take second place in the individual championship, then, according to press reports, a large sum of money can reach the goal.

The move did not work for Leclerc at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, But in the end, he was able to salvage what could be salvaged, and therefore he will wait face to face with his Mexican rival for the last race of the season. According to some information, the young Ferrari star’s contract contains a clause stating that he can get a huge amount of money if he finishes as runner-up in the individual championship.

This information is Sky Sports It was announced in Thursday’s broadcast, and the 5-time race winner has every chance to do so, as he will be able to start right behind the Mexican driver. However, if he fails to beat Perez, it means that the Red Bull drivers will finish in the top two in the individual world championship for the first time in their history.

“In general, I am satisfied with the tour time, I don’t think there could have been more time” – He said Leclerc after another trial this year. – The Red Bulls are always strong during the races, so we will have a hard time. However, we will do everything we can to achieve a good result.”

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