The French truck "Caravan of Freedom" heads straight to Brussels

The French truck “Caravan of Freedom” heads straight to Brussels

Hundreds of vehicles in France’s “Freedom Caravan” set off for Brussels on Monday, despite police warnings that they should not be allowed into the Belgian capital.

The caravan, inspired by the Canadian demonstration, is on strike due to restrictions imposed and high energy prices, bound for Paris as a first destination, and over the weekend police largely prevented some 3,000 vehicles from entering the French capital.

Presumably, only 100 cars managed to cross the line of police defense, who then gathered on the Champs-Elysees, and finally dispersed the crowd with tear gas on Saturday night. the guardian According to the information, the Belgian police announced that they had deployed along several highways, in order to be able to stop about 30 cars heading to the capital.

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Claus, directed protesters to a parking lot outside the city with a capacity of 10,000 cars and warned them that this was the only place they could gather and demonstrate.

According to French police, about 1,300 cars had gathered in Lille, France, not far from the Belgian border, but Jean-Christophe Covey, secretary general of the SGP police union, said they were also targeting Strasbourg after the European Parliament, where the police are. On standby while observing the convoy’s path.

The mayor added that although protesters are able to enter Brussels on foot, they will in no way allow protesters to “detain the capital”, adding that Brussels authorities have banned all demonstrations within the city. In addition, officials estimate that only about 10 percent of the caravan that arrived in Paris over the weekend has left for Brussels.

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