Do you want a real atmosphere of the Wild West? Head to Calico, where we’ve been!

There is a place in America called Calico where miners once dug up $86 million worth of silver. After the silver became worthless, Calico became a real ghost town, which has been renovated and today tourists from all over the world flock here for the atmosphere of the pure Wild West. For those traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Calico is the perfect stop, where they can get a taste of the true western lifestyle.

Exciting tours of the mines in CalicoSource: Francesca Gall

What do you want to know about calico?

Calico, a former mining town, is located near Barstow in California, USA. The town had existed since 1881, and was abandoned by its residents in the mid-1890s after silver lost value. The hustle and bustle of the city that once provided miners with a decent life has disappeared and become a veritable ghost town. Walter Knott bought Calico in the 1950s and restored all but five of the original buildings to look as they did in the 1880s.

Calico is like a real western citySource: Francesca Gall

The city is now a thriving tourist attraction. When we walked in, we felt as if we had fallen into a real western. The ghost town is open to visitors all year round (except Christmas). Admission by car to Calico is $8, plus all programs and attractions are $5 per person. If you want to spend several days here, you can also go camping and rent a bungalow in town.

Take off to the Wild West!

The only main street running through the town is lined with about 30 wooden houses, some of which have been converted into gift shops and art galleries or cafes and restaurants, but we also found an old prison, blacksmith’s workshop, museum and stables. During the guided tour of the famous Calico Mystery Shack, we are shown amazing feats and bewildering sights, such as water flowing uphill and a broom moving on its own.

Follow the miners in calicoSource: Francesca Gall

At the top of the hills are several mine buildings as well as the shafts and tunnels of a real mine that we were able to peek into. We got to know firsthand the lifestyle of miners at the time, saw the tools they used to work in the dark, and got a first-hand look at how gold was washed in the stream. We can also bring in lined gold coins as souvenirs.

With a small train over the minesSource: Francesca Gall

One of the best experiences in Calico is riding the little train. The Calico-Odessa Railway was built in the city in 1958 and has been in regular operation since then. During the train ride of about 10 minutes around the mountains, we passed historic mines while hearing interesting stories about the lives of the miners.

Cowboy clothes on!

In a wild west cottage, a photo studio with western atmosphere has been set up, where we can experience the feeling of being a cowboy, miner, lady or showgirl. We could choose the location, costumes, and props, and the photographer helped us create the right poses and scenes.

We really enjoyed the western style shootSource: Francesca Gall

I really loved the style and atmosphere of this authentic western setting, it really was like traveling back in time! We could hold real cowboy guns and guns, old whiskey bottles lined up behind us and old paintings hung on the wall. We selected photos after photos were taken, and the best ones were printed, taken home, and received via email. calico It welcomes visitors with exciting programs, music festivals, and spooky events throughout the year.

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