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The free highway will be available from July, but you can enjoy it only 400 km away from us

The free highway will be available from July, but you can enjoy it only 400 km away from us

The opposition-majority Polish Senate also approved the law, according to which the use of state highways in Poland will be free from July. The legislation submitted to the Head of State fulfills one of the points of the program of the Polish government’s Law and Justice (PiS) coalition for the autumn parliamentary elections.

The House of Representatives (lower house) voted on the law on Friday in the 100-person upper house 73 senators supported it, none voted against, and eight senators abstained.

If the Polish president signs the law, tolls will be abolished on July 1 for vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons, that is, cars and motorcycles, in the sections supervised by the General National Directorate for Roads and Highways.

The total length of roads in Poland is 4,900 km, of which highways are about 1,800 km long and highways 3,100 km.

The sections mentioned are the approximately 100 km road section between Konin and Stryków and the 164 km road section between Wroclaw and Sosnica on the A2 and A4 highways that connect the western and eastern borders of Poland.

And franchisees weren’t left out either

As for the 465 km concession sections, according to previous announcements, the government wants to reach an agreement with private owners and amend relevant laws within a year. Said concession sections are also located on the A2 and A4 motorways, as well as the A1 motorway which runs from north to south.

According to the law voted on Wednesday, drivers of vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons are also prohibited from overtaking on sections of highways and expressways that contain only two lanes in a given direction. An exception is the ban on vehicles traveling “well below” the permitted speed.

This is the poster many wanted: it will be cheaper than the others

The Ministry of Janos Lazar announced that the one-day motorway poster will be introduced in Hungary as well. Read more >>>

In Hungary, for the shortest period of time currently in force, the weekly sticker – i.e. the 10-day motorway sticker – is valid for all toll road sections in Hungary for a total of 10 consecutive calendar days starting on the day of purchase, or until 24:00 on the 10th.

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