The Formula 1 world championship could set a record next year

The Fast Car Series leadership has adopted next year’s race schedule on Friday, which will miss the Shanghai Grand Prix in Shanghai for the third time in a row.

“Because of the epidemic, there will be no competition in the Far East next year either, but as soon as conditions allow, we will return Shanghai to the host country.” – Standing in Formula 1 connection.

However, it is among the places Australia, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Where, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were unable to compete this year or last year.

Next year’s World Cup – which will be the start of a new era in the sport due to the many rule changes –

The race will start in Bahrain on March 20, with the final race taking place in Abu Dhabi on November 20.

This is the first season closure since 2010, and the first reason is that the series management wanted to avoid colliding with the Qatar World Cup, which began a day later.

Next year, the Hungarian Grand Prix will be held before the one-month summer break, this time on July 31.

Next year’s Miami Street race will start on May 8th.

Sprints are scheduled at six locations next year, which have become part of the three race weekends this year.

Cover image source: Gábor Nagy

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